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Zylish Park at a Glance

Zylish Park is proud to introduce as one of the promising state of the art in the Garment sector as Merchandising and sourcing solution houses in Bangladesh.

Over the years, we have served different clients in different capacity with different area.

Now, we have put together all of our collective efforts and experience to create a Legend of our own.

Over the years, the company has grown substantially in customer base. It has one of the largest woven & Knit manufacturing facilities in Bangladesh including Lingering production facility. From the beginning of the order process to the end; we provide a complete and efficient solution each step of the way.

All these factories which we choose to manufacture goods is running by the very highly qualified production technician and all factory are equipped with modern technology and modern machineries controlled by skilled local and foreign technicians.

In short, top class human resource, cutting-edge technology, production capacity, efficiency and unique organizational dexterity to quickly respond to the changes in design  and style in the international apparel markets have steadily brought forward Zylish Park as a new frontline player in the global apparel market.


Business Type


 Garments Exporter & Manufacturer.

Product Type (Men's)


 T-Shirt, PK Polo, Shirt, Twill Pant, Denim, Cargo Sort, Trouser, Boxer.

Product Type (Ladies)


 T-Shirt, PK Polo, Shirt, Twill Pant, Denim or Jeans, Sexy Sort, Lingering.

Product Type (Kids)


 T-Shirt, PK Polo, Shirt, Twill Pant, Denim or Jeans.

Distance from Airport


 45 minutes drive from Hazrat Shahjalal Airport, Dhaka, Bangladesh.